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Omg guys, this is absolutely amazing! Almost two years ago - on 30th April 2011, when we were starting to lead this blog we were wondering how many followers we will have. The largest number of followers which we considered back then, was 100 people. And now when I look at the sidebar and see that there’s actually 6000 of you, I’m really touched. Thank you all so much! Even thought lately we do not upload as many photos as we used to, this tumblr is very important to us!
Thank you all once again, Happy Easter and lots of love from us! HWAITING! 
Do not ever let someone to destroy your dreams and always go your own way, and fuck all the haters
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Don’t judge all EXOTICS by what those korean fans did!

EXOTIC are not only from Korea T_T

Kai was injured because of behavior of korean fans on the airport, not because of all fans from the fandom~ do not generalize! 

I’m looking all the time at what fans are writing on tumblr, facebook, twitter and so on, and Exotics are all really worried about Kai! 

What those fans did was really wrong and I can’t understand how could this happened, but this is THEIR fault, not every fan! So please, stop saying “I’m so fucking embarrassed by this fandom!” and some other things like that ~

I do understand those of you who are writing to kill those bitches who did it because I agree with you and I’m also pissed off, but I can’t understand those who  keep saying that each fan of EXO is bad. 

Oh and please do not misunderstand! I am not saying that korean fans are all bad! But those fans who did it! I just read that a lot of fans at the airport are crying and I feel bad. So many people are sad and Jongin is injured because of stupidity of those few persons!

The incident was in Incheon Aiport and not NAIA. Do take notes that it was not in Philippines!
And for those Filipino fans, put limits to your fangirls actions later. Jongin is badly hurt and we don’t want to hurt him any further. 

Oh god, I’m so angry right now ~ Kai is injured because he was squeezed by fans till he hit the pillar… Sehun and staff were helping him to walk because he was in such a pain! 

What the fuck is wrong with those fans who did it? Stalking them, screaming and shoving your cameras in their faces isn’t enought, right? You have to pushing and squeezing them till one of them is hurt, right?! 

You are consider yourself as a fan? I know it’s a big thing to see your idols live, I’d be exited too, but ARE YOU FUCKING OUT OF YOUR MIND?! HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! WHAT KIND OF FANS PUSHED AND SCRATCH THEIR IDOLS?!

They are not only idols, they are PEOPLE! They can get hurt easily if you keep pushing on them! It reminds me of SHINee’s Jonghyun’s accident at the airport… I hope SM won’t force Kai to perform tomorrow because he is in such a pain right now, he need to rest! 

I don’t care if someone thinks otherwise, because I’m really pissed off right now. It is situation which shouldn’t have place at all… I can’t understand how someone can be so disrespectful.. 

I’m thinking about creating a new tumblr similiar to this one, but with photos of kpop girls, what do you think about it? 


Should I do it or not?

omo, we love you all sooo much ♥


Thank you 



Today is Kai’s sister wedding party. We are really sorry for posting photo from this event on here. We already deleted it and we’d like to inform that we are not going to share photos or facts about this issue anymore. At first we didn’t know where was that photo from, that’s why we posted that picture. It was private event and we shouldn’t post that photo so if you reblogged this from us, please delete it! Let’s respect their privacy. 

Happy New Year !!